What is Presave?

Presave.io is a revolutionary automated tool that allows you to create campaigns where fans would Presave your song or Album and have it added to their Spotify library on release day.

How does Presave work?

Presave.io has an automated system in which you enter your release information, it generates a custom Presave page. You promote this to your fans, any pre-savers will have your release added to their library as soon as its available. (All pre-savers will follow the artist(s) and playlist(s) of your choice also.

Can I do Presave for a Single, Album or EP?

Yes you can setup a presave page for any type of release on Spotify.

What features do you offer?

We offer Presave campaigns that include Artist following, Playlist following, Email Collection, Indepth insights on your Presavers, Competition campaigns and much more. Please see here for the most recent list of features. We are constantly updating and adding new features.

Where Can I see some example campaigns?

We have a a very wide array of clients from Don Diablo, to Axtone & Carnage. Please check them out here

What are the benefits of using Presave?

Their is so many! The goal of presaving is to help the artist have a better chance of going viral on Spotify. The more saves a track receives on release the more the spotify algorithms will sway in your favour.

I have a specific question not answered in this FAQ?

Please send us an email at support@presave.io

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