We have 3 campaign types.

  • Regular Presave campaign
  • Competition/sweepstakes campaign
  • Presave-to-download campaign

Regular Presave campaign

Our regular Presave campaigns offer three different DSPs, customizable options such as background image and a custom URL and a sleek design. It works as advertised: once your song releases, it gets added to all your Presavers' collections.

Competition/sweepstakes campaign

A competition/sweepstakes campaign offers all functionality that a regular Presave campaign offers, except there's another incentive for your presavers. You can use this to give away merchandise or special tickets, etc. Our system allows you to randomly pick a winner with an email address to contact them to collect their prize.

Presave-to-download campaign

The Presave-to-download campaign allows you to redirect to lock content behind a Presave. After presaving, your fans will be redirected to a page you can specify in the campaign creator.

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