We currently have 3 tiers of subscriptions:

  • Upcoming artist (EUR 9.-/month)
  • Established Artist/Label (EUR 29.-/month)
  • Corporate (Price on request)

Upcoming artist

Our "upcoming artist" tier is our most basic tier. It offers full functionality with some restrictions on customizability. It also allows up to 1000 presaves per campaign. It allows you to run one campaign simultaneously

Established Artist/Label

Our "Established Artist/Label" is the best fit for small labels and relatively established artists. It has some significant extra features on top of the "upcoming artist" tier such as running competitions, playlist follow and much more. For the full feature list check here. It allows you to run one campaign simultaneously


Our most powerful and complete tier, specifically but not exclusively fitting for a list artists, labels and companies. The corporate tier allows more customization, such as having your own custom subdomain (yourdomain.presave.io). The biggest difference, beside our powerful extra features, are running multiple campaigns at once. We based off this, our pricing is variable and can be requested here

If you have any other questions or you're not sure which subscription to get, feel free to email us at support@presave.io or contact our messenger in the bottom right corner of our site.

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